Chrysalis Anaplastology & Ocularistry Incorporated


                               Custom Artificial Eyes and Facial Prosthetics

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Chrysalis Anaplastology & Ocularistry is focused on providing high-quality Artificial Eyes, Facial Prosthetics and Custom Lightweight Mastectomy Forms. 

Lisa M Skowron, Board Certified Ocularist, BCO, BADO, MAMS, will do everything to meet your expectations.

Please feel free to contact 1-847-719-2984 for any inquiries. Email to

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Right Artificial Eye

Detail of the iris and sclera

Chrysalis Anaplastology & Ocularistry

Artificial Eyes, Facial Prosthetics and Custom Mastectomy Forms

Right Side Silicone Ear Prosthesis

Silicone Ear about to be attached with a suctioning  "non-glue" technique